Carpet Cleaning

Super Clean Carpets

A contrasting difference in clean and dirty carpets

At KIMA Clean we know carpets. We only use top-of-the-line equipment and processes to deep clean carpets and rugs. By removing dirt and other impurities from your carpets you will improve your overall health and protect your investment.

There are companies who sell do-it-yourself methods of carpet cleaning, but most machines and processes are inadequate. Most of the chemicals and soaps used with do-it-yourself methods remain in the carpet after cleaning, attracting dirt and other impurities. This can cause your carpet to become dirtier than ever before in just a short period of time, and can also reduce the life of your carpet. Our steam cleaners have the power to break up stains and extract excess water and chemicals, allowing carpets to remain cleaner longer. In addition to our cleaning services, our treatment can help your carpet repel stains in the future. Best of all, The Clean Trust (IICRC) certification and processes are recognized by the major carpet mills as the only way to properly clean your carpet and insure that your warranty will stay intact.

If your carpets need to be cleaned, there is no time to waste. Give us a call and see for yourself the difference KIMA Clean can make.

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